Key Features

Grouped has every tool an artist needs. Take a look at some of the key features we provide below!

Free+Paid Members

You can choose to allow fans to join for free or paid tiers! If they join for free, you still get their data and can directly reach them. You can also have as many paid tiers as you want!

Organized Media Folders

Make it easy for your fans to binge watch your content by organizing your media into folders and subfolders. You choose who has access to each folder and can share folders directly to the home feed!

Custom Emails

Forget about paying for Mailchimp! With Grouped, you choose when you want to notify your fans of a post. If you do notify them, you can customize the subject and body of the email - for FREE.

Fan Interactions

Fans can interact and create their own conversations in your Grouped! With the Discussions tab and Custom Group Chats (DMs), fans can talk and share videos / pictures / and more!.

Music Streaming

Our music player allows users to continue streaming while browsing around or if they leave the site! And best of all, the artwork shows up and songs keep playing when your phone is locked!

Monetize How You Want

Whether it's a media folder, a livestream, or a post - you choose whether the content is free for everyone, just for paid members, a one-time purchase, or allow fans to pay what they want.

Platform Overview

Watch a 10 minute walk through of our platform by Jon Kilmer ( And click the button below to see more screen shots and tutorials of different features and how to use them!

Keep 90% Of Your Revenue!

You are the one creating the art and doing the work, so you should be the one to keep the money you make. We take pride in the fact that you keep 90% of every dollar that you make on Grouped!