Create A Media Folder

Even if you don’t have any media to upload right now, it’s great to at least have a folder that says “Coming Soon” in the description so the tab isn’t empty. This also shows fans that you are already planning on doing more stuff.

The basics of the Media Folder is that you would:

  • Click Create New Folder
  • Put A Title (such as Exclusive Music)
  • Put a quick description (if you don’t have anything, you can just say “Coming Soon…”, if you do then it could say “Paid members get access to all my exclusive music including demos, unreleased songs, and early access to singles”
  • Below the description there’s a toggle that allows you to lock the folder. This means that only Paid Members (or Tiers that have the Media Folder access toggled on in the settings page) will have access to the folder. If you leave it gray, it will allow access to ALL members for Free. (You can also chose to make it Pay What You Want or One Time Purchase for all members)
  • Finally add a thumbnail image
  • If the folder is only for paid members, you can choose to upload a preview for all members as well.


***If you want to see a step-by-step guide on everything that Media Folders can do and how to properly set one up, check it out here