We know that if you are a smaller artist starting out, you may not have merch to offer or think you have anything to give away – but don’t forget about your time! You can giveaway a 5 minute zoom call with a fan! Or giveaway a month/year membership to your community! Both don’t cost you any money, but show that you want to give back.

For bigger artists, we have people giving away stuff every week. Mike. gives back $1,000/week to his community! Nic D does a giveaway every Friday! Other artists do a giveaway once a month!

Here’s some ideas for what you can giveaway:

  • Free memberships to your paid tier (could be for a month, a year, or lifetime)
  • Facetime/Zoom calls
  • Merch
  • Tickets to tour
  • Financial assistant (aka money)