Incentivize Your Fans

You are going to want to incentivize the fans to join – whether that is doing a giveaway, giving them an exclusive song/content, doing an AMA or whatever.

You can do a slow roll out where you start by just letting your fans know that you started a community outside of social media to connect with them and show them content that isn’t right for socials.

BUT, most fans need a reason to sign up for something. So to launch your community, you want to give them something for FREE just for giving you their data. They are giving you their email and number so you can directly reach them, so you should reward them with either your time or some exclusive content.

Some examples are:

  • Unreleased music
  • BTS videos
  • An AMA (you can respond with video comments too which means you can respond with a 15 second selfie video to make it feel more personal)
  • A giveaway 
  • Early access to something like merch, a single/album, tickets, or anything you are about to sell
  • And more!

***If you want to see some examples of how artists incentivized their fans to join their Grouped, click here.