Live Streams

When you go Live on IG/TikTok/Twitch/YouTube/etc, you feel the need to be entertaining. That’s because random people are popping in to judge you, and 90% of those people are passive followers that are only there for a second or two.

Not on Grouped! 

You can go Live knowing that the fans that tune in are always happy to see you live in the moment no matter what you are doing!

For example – if you are in the studio and go live on socials, people expect to be entertained and hear new music for you to be “on”. Not with Grouped! You can go live from the studio for 2-3 hours and just be yourself. If you want, you can only allow paid members to see you. Or you can open it up to everyone and accept donations while you stream. Or charge for the livestream with a OTP or Pay What You Want.

And if you want the fans who missed you going live to be able to watch it, you can record the livestream within the platform so anyone can watch it at any time! Look at an example below, or if you want to see a step-by-step guide for setting up a live stream, click here.