Marathon - Not A Sprint

Don’t expect to have all your fans sign up the first day. A Freemium Community is a new concept that your fans will have to get used to – but if you can be consistent, over time  your die hard fans will join on their own time. 

In the beginning, you should just be focused on getting people to be aware that your community exists and for them to join for free. As your fans see how consistent you are about it and the FOMO builds from all the stuff they are missing out on, you will continue to get more and more fans to join!

Remember, this platform is for your Top Fans / Die Hard fans. On average, we see this being about the top 5% of your social following. Most social media fans are passive fans who just want to see occasional updates, but for someone like  Mike. who has 500k IG followers, he only has 10k members but is making 1M+ a year from just the top 2% of his fans.