Social Media Posts

You have already done the hard work and amassed fans on social platforms. During the launch phase, the goal is to get the top 5% of those fans to see the community and join. To get as many people to join as possible, you want to make sure you invite fans from every platform and trying different ways on each platform (such as trying an Instagram hard post, and a couple IG story posts, and doing an IG Live once or twice).

From there, as your socials grow, so will your community. 

Here‘s an example of a general awareness videos that an artist made to use on all his socials. Below are all the social platforms and various methods to use to maximize your social following when launching your Grouped!


    • IG Posts
      • Pictures
      • Reels
    • IG Stories
    • IG Live
    • IG Broadcast Channel
    • IG DM
      • Use Laylo and tell people to DM the word “blank” for people to get free access to your private new community


    • YouTube Video (example from Devvon Terrell here)
    • YouTube Community Post


    • TikTok Live
    • TikTok Post


    • Posts
    • DMs


    • Tweet
    • DMs

***If you want to see examples of videos/content that artists are sharing on socials, just click here.