Direct Messaging

You can DM within our platform – as a creator you can customize who has access to this feature and what kind of access that they have. If you allow a tier to have Direct Messaging access (see below), that tier will have access to individually DM you and you will have access to individually DM them. You will also have access to set up a Group Chat with that entire tier. If you do choose to have a Group Chat for that tier, you can choose whether only you can send messages to them (like an Instagram Broadcast Channel) OR if fans can send messages back so everyone can talk (like a Discord Channel or Group Text Thread).

1. Click the “Settings” gear


2. Scroll down to theirs and toggle the “Messaging” for the tiers you want to have access


3. Click on the “Messaging” icon bubble at the top of your Grouped


4. You will see the tiers (Group chats) and the ability to 1-1 DM at the top.


5. Click on a tiers Group Chat and toggle the “Allow Members” in the top right if you want fans to be able to send messages in the Group chat (leaving it untoggled means it acts like an Instagram Broadcast channel where only you can message the tier)