Yes, you can live stream directly on Grouped! But did you know there are also countless ways to customize your livestream ?! You have control over everything – from who has access to whether or not you want fans to be able to watch a replay … and so much more!


1. Click the “Live” black circle on the bottom of the Home Feed.


2. Fill out the Title, Description, Cover Photo, and schedule your live stream (or go live now)


3. After you select the date, click on the time to set it (it will automatically be in the time zone you are currently in)


4. Choose who should have access to the live stream (selecting “By Tiers” will prompt you to select a tier when you click “Create”)


5. If you select to notify fans, click “Customize Email” to change the subject/body of the email, click “Create”, and then select the tiers you want to have access


6. When you are ready, click “Join Event” to start the Live Stream


7. Choose whether or not you want to record your live streamĀ 


8. After you “allow access” to your microphone and camera, choose if you want fans to see the view count or if you want them to be able to Tip you


9. Click on the comments icon to see comments in real time


10. Comments will update in real time overlayed over your video


11. When you are done, click the Red button to end the live stream


12. If you chose to record, the fans will have a View Replay option on the home feed