Preview Paid Content

If you upload media that you only want paid members to see, you can add a preview for free members to see what they are missing out on! This works when you post on the home feed or if you are adding media to a locked folder!


1. Make a post on the Home Feed, attach the Media, and click “Next” (this also works when you post a media folder to the home feed)


2. Select the Paid Tier who should have access to the Media (which will enable the “Add Preview” section)


3. You can upload a new file as the preview (such as a custom time stamp or trailer), OR you can use the media you already attached


4. Select how many seconds the preview should be (it automatically starts at 0 and the longest it can be is 60 seconds aka 1 minute)


5. Free members will see this view (paid members will be able to play the media directly from the home feed)