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Our Mission

To equip every artist/creator with the freedom to make a living from their art while owning their relationship with the people who really support them.

Our Team

Our Story

Finn Hodgins began building Grouped in 2021 when (his now wife) Claire wanted a community to sell subscriptions / digital products without having to associate with the stigmas included with OnlyFans, Patreon, etc.

Over the next 12 months, the MVP white-labeled platform was built and Claire was off to the races – however, there was potential for more people to use the technology, but who?

Around this same time, the artist Mike. had begun building his own subscription community – OnlySteves – into a vibrant community and major revenue stream with his die hard fans. But the platform he was building it on was sub-optimal for both Mike and his fans.

Enter Tim Weber – former Founder/CEO of GoodMusicAllDay – who has been helping artists in the music industry for 15+ years. Tim was friends with Mike., saw what he was doing with OnlySteves, and knew how valuable the model could be for every artist, – but just couldn’t find the right platform to bring his friends over to. He knew it needed to have a free tier, to be white-labeled, and to encompass all the features artists were using different platforms for – all while having an artist’s best interest in mind.
Then the magic happened – Finn and Tim were introduced and began talking. Tim convinced Finn to do a test run with some of his friends to prove that the platform Finn had built was perfect for artists – and almost immediately, Finn agreed and saw the potential.

After Tim and Finn finalized their partnership, Finn got to building out the development team, raising money, and setting up the infrastructure needed to scale (proving himself as one of the best young CEOs in the world). Tim began building out the team and artists needed to get the ball rolling. He brought on his friends Nic D and Mike. who were not only two of the biggest independent artists in the world, but also two of the smartest and most respected business minded artists that saw the same vision Tim did with the platform’s potential. The last missing piece was Jon Kilmer – he was the one running OnlySteves and the only person in the world who knew the ins and outs of building an artist’s community from zero to a 7 figure a year revenue stream.

From January to October 2023, Grouped began onboarding friends of Tim, Mike, Nic, and Kilmer to help give feedback on what features needed to be built. By October 2023 (and all thanks to Finn and our rockstar development team), Grouped had built the best platform for any creator to create a community with their top supporters … and it was time to open its doors to the public.

With no marketing or social media presence, Grouped quickly exploded going from 40 communities to 1,000+ in its first 3 months. And now, the future is bright and the sky is the limit!