Featured Groups

Out of the 1,000+ communities on Grouped, here are a couple of our favorites!

Mannywellz /// LALA FAM

Manny is releasing 8 three song EPs in 2024 that are exclusive to his Grouped community - and the fans get to vote on 1 of the 3 songs from each EP to be released on DSPs!

Nic D /// FRDi FAM

Nic D is one of the biggest independent artists in the world and is giving the FRDi Fam a new excusive song, video, AND giveaway - every week!

Able Heart /// FULL OF HEART FAM

Able Heart & Chaz release a new podcast every week in addition to exclusive music, guided meditations, vibrant community discussions, and more!


Dropping 52 exclusive songs (one every Wednesday) in addition to exclusive studio vlogs, podcasts, and more ... it's no wonder JUSTVWILLZ is one of our favorite communities!

Graham /// GRAHAM FAM

In addition to producing for Connor Price, Nic D, etc - Graham's solo career has taken off! Get exclusive and early access to everything Graham in the GRAHAM FAM

Arizona Zervas /// AZ CLUB

While you certainly know his hit song "ROXANNE" (1.5B+ streams), Arizona Zervas stays constantly creating hit after hit - and he gives the AZ Club first access to everything!

Anthony Russo - RUSSO'S WORLD

Anthony Russo does it all in his community - from posting alternate versions of songs and unreleased demos, to exclusive song breakdowns and BTS videos - there is always something new!

Mike Squires /// SQUIRES SQUAD

Currently doing the "50 States Project" - dropping a song every week from one of the 50 states, for 50 weeks straight!

Devvon Terrell /// THE WEIRDO CO.

Devvon's community members get awesome perks like live streams, song breakdowns, rough demos, being added to his IG Close Friends, and so much more!


Drod is blowing up - and his community gets early access to all his music, exclusive podcasts, blog posts, and more!


The Holdup makes a song from scratch on an exclusive Grouped live stream every Sunday - you can see his screen so you can follow his process while watching him play every instrument and he posts the song right after!

Michael Minelli /// THE MINELLI FAMILY

Michael Minelli is one of the best entertainers in the world and was one of the first artists on Grouped - he does exclusive Zooms, posts unreleased music, gives first access to merch and his singles, and so much more!

The Astronomers /// MISSION CONTROL

The Astronomers are a duo taking off right now - and they post exclusive podcasts, unreleased music, and more. Join Mission Control at the link below!