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How it works

Our simple 3 step sign-up process means you’ll have your own community set up and ready to go in minutes. Grouped is completely free to use – the only cost is a 90/10 split on payment transactions (You keep 90%!)

You can set up and offer as many membership tiers as you want, including free tiers. Once a fan joins, you get their data! 

With Grouped you get to choose how and when you want to notify fans – You can send custom email notifications AND/OR send push notifications to those who downloaded the App (coming in March).  Gone are the days of spending hours making content to gain social media followers, only to reach a tiny fraction of those followers…

The people who join your Group are the people who really care, so it’s important to provide a great experience! Luckily, It only takes an hour or two every month to bring real value to your community. If you need ideas for what to reward your fans with, check out our Resources page.

With Grouped, you can offer a variety of ways that your fans can support you. Grouped allows you to offer:
  • Monthly Subscriptions
  • Sell Digital Products
    • One Time Purchase
    • Pay What You Want
  • Collect Tips During Live Streams
  • People “Gifting” Other Fans Memberships
  • And more …
  Thanks to our seamless technology, providing your fans any of the above options feels natural and authentic, ensuring you never come across as “salesy” to your fans.

Simply by focusing on your top fans (aka your real supporters), your life will change. You build monthly recurring revenue that grows month over month, you get feedback from a focus group that wants you to win, and you have all your top fans in one spot who will also be the first to buy all your merch, tickets, etc…

Building a Grouped is a game changing move for your career. Period.

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Extra Resources For Making Grouped Fun & Easy To Use!

We have put together guides, example content, detailed breakdowns of how to use every feature, FAQs, and so much more – all available for free at the link below!