Content Examples

Click “Learn More” to see real examples from artists on Grouped to give you some more inspiration.

Song/Album Breakdowns
Make a quick selfie video breaking down a song or an album from your discography.
Live Streams
On Grouped, you can go live any time just to your private community – here’s how artists are using it.
Early Access
Are you about to release a song/album/merch/tickets/anything – give it your community first!
You should always give back to your community! Here’s some simple giveaways that go a long way.
Use your fans as a focus group to get feedback on an unfinished song you are working on.
Join Video
Take 60 seconds to add a video to your sign-up page to get higher conversion rates!
AMA (Ask Me Anything)
You can respond to comments with video/audio/text comments to show the fans you really care!
Tell A Story
Tell a story that may not be right for social media but you know your fans would enjoy.
Use your home feed as a personal blog to write about whatever you want.
BTS Content
If you don’t have time to edit videos for social media, put the raw BTS videos in your Grouped!
Poll Your Fans
Let your fans help shape your community by polling them (like a focus group) to see what they want!
Old/Unused Content
Post songs/videos from years ago that you forgot about – you’d be surprised how much your fans love this.
It can be as simple as you just talking to your phone on a selfie video – your fans just wanna hear you talk.
Album: Pay What You Want
While you promote your album, you can also offer fans to listen to it early by simply paying whatever they want.
Be You. Be Vulnerable.
Your community is here to love you no matter what. It’s a safe place to open up and form a deeper connection.
Free/Paid Tiers
A simple rule is to always under promise and over deliver for your fans! Here’s some examples
Social Media
Take a look at some examples from how artists use social media to build their Grouped
Welcome Post
Check out some easy examples for what to post Home Feed in order to kickstart your Group!