Getting Started

Starting something new can feel overwhelming , so check out the resources below to help your Grouped launch be as simple and exciting as possible!

Play Video

Set Up Your Page

It’s easy to customize and populate your page so it truly feels like your own community!

Create A Media Folder
Here’s how to set up your first Media Folder so your Media tab isn’t empty when you launch.
First Posts
Here’s some simple ideas for what to post so you have at least one post in the Home Feed and Discussions.
Rename Top 3 Tabs
To make your community feel more personal to your brand, you can rename the 3 main navigation tabs.

How To Launch

Use your socials and existing data to incentivize your fans to join your new community!

Social Media Posts
Kickstart your Grouped by capitalizing on the hard work you’ve done to build a social media following.
Incentivize Your Fans
Incentivize fans to join your Grouped through giveaways, exclusive song/content, AMAs, and more.
Use Your Data
Any data you do have is more valuable than you know – here’s how to find and use that data.

Content Ideas

There are endless possibilities for what to post, but here are some examples to get your mind racing!

Song/Album Breakdowns
Make a quick selfie video breaking down a song or an album from your discography.
Live Streams
On Grouped, you can go live any time just to your private community – here’s how artists are using it.
Early Access
Are you about to release a song/album/merch/tickets/anything – give it your community first!
You should always give back to your community! Here’s some simple giveaways that go a long way.
Use your fans as a focus group to get feedback on an unfinished song you are working on.
Join Video
Take 60 seconds to add a video to your sign-up page to get higher conversion rates!

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